Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Band Aid

It's a rainy day and I'm off work sick with a cold.  In other words,

Ripping off a Band Aid.
(Just messing around with my sophisticated software, MS Paint.)

Speaking of moms, my mom's the best!  I will miss working with you today Mom.  Uhhh...silly drawings are the only thing that helps my sinuses? (cough cough) I love you.


  1. Thanks Emily. I am so flattered you remember my hooky techniques!

  2. How could I forget when I was so surprised it worked! I also liked when you said you were jewish (I think) so you could open a Christmas present early (also surprised it worked!) LOL

  3. Did V actually say 'it's gonna hurt like hello kitty?' So funny!!

  4. Yeah, I'm still not sure where she heard it. Do you remember when I tried to see if she might have, um, heard this at your house? :))(This was quite a while ago.) It wasn't there, so who knows!!! Love you! ;)