Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cobra Pillow

Last night I wrote "Dorkin' it up big time" on the top of this blog.  I must be true to my word, so today I present my cobra pillow.

 Step 1: Lovingly embroider a snake.

Step 2: Lovingly coerce your mom to sew it into a pillow for you, and then iron it for you.  That's her hands there. She helped me sew it. I always need help even though I've taken sewing classes! But I might be getting the hang of it after today.

Step 3: Ask Dave what 'coerce' means (to be sure.)

Step 4: Take yet another picture of it for your vanity blog!

Step 5: Put your poly-fiberfill into the pillow!  Sew it up, love it, and tell your sister "No, it is not Cobra Kai from Karate Kid."  (I had no idea she liked Cobra Kai so much.  Also, they should spell it Kobra Kai!!)  

This pillow is going on V's bed.  She likes cobras.

Goodnight friends and family.  Thank you very much for looking at my blog! I can't believe people look at it!!!


  1. Your entire family has skills!

    Cobra's? Bet A thinks they're cute >~~C: (cobra tongue & head...hahaha)

  2. Wow, cool cobra!!!

    Yes, it was so great of my mom to help me out with that! She knows so much about sewing.