Saturday, February 5, 2011

I didn't expect to sculpt a Baku today

V has a book called "Magical Creatures" and she is intrigued by a creature called a 'Baku'.

The book says in Japan, some children keep a little Baku statue next to their bed to scare off nightmares.  They have an elephant's head, a lion's mane, feet like a tiger's and tail like a cow's.

V doesn't take this very seriously, but tonight we thought it would be fun to make a Baku statue because we had some air-dry craft clay around.

Our "Baku"
I thought the Model Magic clay was really fun! I would buy it again. When I bought it I thought we'd make they little jewelry thingies out of it, but this was fun too. Avery made some awesome clay and toothpick sculptures and I feel pretty bad for not taking a picture of them before they came apart.  I'll remember next time. (Maybe.)

I couldn't let any clay go to waste! So I made this little bird.  The sprinkles? They were just around.

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